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Friday, July 30, 2021

"480 Minutes" - Confusion For The Masses

Last week the Republican Party changed it's message on COVID-19 vaccines from "oooh scary big gov't personal freedom get your guns ready Biden's coming to your house to jab you whether you want it or not protect your freedumb to get COVID it has a 99.9% survival rate!" to "get vaccinated" to this week "I didn't tell anyone to get vaccinated and hey, look at our Secretary of Defense wearing a mask as he arrives in the Philippines aren't you embarrassed?" Well, no, Littlest Senator (and I don't mean in physical stature), I'm not embarrassed. The Philippine government requires masks to protect its citizens as COVID spikes there as it is in Florida.

So I had my own COVID scare this week when a few friends I'd seen in recent weeks tested positive and had symptoms. The first was unvaccinated (I have yet to learn why), and is still sick. The other two were fully vaccinated and have experienced mild symptoms. I have had no symptoms, two negative rapid test results, and feel a bit less stressed now that I know all 3 friends' significant others remain symptom-free and have continued to test negative. My PCR test results should be back from the lab today or tomorrow 🤞🤞.

Peter Doocy of Fox News, who gets pantsed by Press Secretary Jen Psaki daily, yesterday tried to "gotcha" President Biden suggesting that the President had said we didn't need masks anymore and made it sound like "forever" but now the gov't is saying masks are required again. Biden, who was walking away at the time, actually walked back with purpose and told the doubt-sowing dolt that yeah, that was in May, when we were telling every American to get vaccinated, and what happened since then is this new variant emerged and 100 million or so didn't get vaccinated, so here we are. What he could have added was, "yes, and it might have been "forever,"  had the Fox News opinion shows and "news" segments and guests and featured politicians urged viewers to get vaccinated instead of spreading vaccination-undermining hooey.

Unless you are one of the vanishing few with an underlying medical condition that indicates you should avoid it, please get vaccinated, because at this point if you are unvaccinated and someone says to you, "get vaccinated, asshole," they are actually being polite.

Today we will debut new music by Alicja-Pop (Memphis, TN), Dry Cleaning (London, England, @DryCleaning), Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher (Winston-Salem, NC and Manchester, England), @harrystaf62 and @MarcoButcher), Julia Bardo (Manchester, England, England, @IAmJuliaBardo), LUMP (@ThisIsLUMP), Torres (New York, NY, @TorresLovesYou), and Yellow Pills (Chicago, IL).

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480 Minutes / Year 17 - Episode 28/750

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