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Friday, July 23, 2021

"480 Minutes" - No Food...Bad Mood

There was an opinion piece in the Washington Post yesterday trying to explain to us loons who insist on facts and evidence and the peaceful transfer of power how to and how not to speak to Trump supporters. Early on the line, "I was a Trump supporter, until he lost me with his actions after the 2020 election" gave me pause...what took him so long?

The columnist stuck with the pathological liar from his lie that it didn't rain on inauguration day (it did) to his evidence-free claims of election fraud in 2016 (foreign election interference claims from the left came from the findings U.S. intelligence agencies to "COVID is under control" to lying about The Boy Scouts (The Boy Scouts!) to "the media is the enemy of the people" to not knowing about the Stormy Daniels payoff to the "very fine people" marching with swastika flags in Charlottesville to claiming a Biden Administration would do away with pre-existing conditions protections to undermining Americans' faith in elections for months before the 2020 election to claiming time & again that he made the Veteran's Choice program happen (it was signed into law by President Obama in 2014) to his great healthcare plan (which was never produced) to his never-released tax returns being "under audit" to using COVID Task Force press briefings to spread misinformation & attack his political enemies to pushing the "good guy with a gun" nonsense when referencing a mass shooting at which an armed 15-year police veteran was present & engaged but could not prevent the slaughter of 49 Americans to being laughed at while addressing the U.N. General Assembly to accepting Putin's word over the findings of 17 U.S. intelligence agencies to cutting taxes on the wealthy saving himself $1B but claiming "I don’t benefit. I don’t benefit. In fact, very, very strongly, as you see, I think there’s very little benefit for people of wealth." 

It took his obstruction of the peaceful transfer of power, which he'd previously told us he'd obstruct if he lost, for this guy to see the light. Lawyers for 1/6 attackers are defending their clients by claiming they were in a cult. How long it took the author to get out undermines any authority he claims to have on how to discuss politics with its remaining members.

Speaking of talking to MAGA, I'm really getting sick of Anderson Cooper and various politicians going on-air and disingenuously asking, "How can we convince more Americans to get vaccinated?" They know, we all know, that a 5-second PSA from #Individual1 saying, "I got the vaccine, you should, too" would overcome this problem in a week. Everyone knows it is the easiest and most effective tool we have at this time, so shrugging and saying, "He'll never do it" is not sufficient. A full-court press from all corners demanding he do it is required. If he still refuses his cult will cheer and stick with him but perhaps such an obviously petulant refusal to do a simple thing to save their very lives would help free a few more of the deluded like that Washington Post columnist above.

Not being allowed to have solid food for 36 hours this week had me feeling lousy & surely put me in a foul mood for much of it, but even on post-misery re-listen it seems that little worthwhile was submitted. Sad, but there you have it.

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480 Minutes / Year 17 - Episode 27/749

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