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Friday, September 03, 2021

We Be Flooded

As you may have heard NYC was pummeled by Ida-related rain which caused New York City's first Flash Flood Emergency (aka lots of flooding in quick-strike fashion. Queens was hit particularly hard registering 11 of the 13 city fatalities.

My basement studio went from dry to holding more than 3 feet of water in under a half hour. The water line on the outside of the building was an Iggy Pop song.

It was bonkers -- cars floating by, whitecaps cascading down was bonkers and I never want to experience that again (although I know that this "first flash flood" is not  a once-in-a-lifetme event, it's the new Climate Changed and will only get worse.

Anyway,  the backup stream has been running for about 28 hours now and will continue to do so as we clean up from this unfathomable-for-these-parts disaster.

Wednesday night was spent saving what could be saved in the 20-30 minutes before the water inside had submerged the wall electrical outlets. Thursday was spent assessing the damage, packing up and discarding damaged equipment, artwork, records, and other media…that was rough, and Friday will be as well.

Sadly/obviously this has left me no time to prepare for a show and, truth be told, at the moment there is no studio from which to host a show or even broadcast the way BAGeL Radio normally does, hence the extended back-up stream time.

All of this is to say there will be no 480 Minutes or reruns this weekend.

My soggiest apologies. I'll try to make it up to you.


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