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Friday, October 08, 2021

"480 Minutes" - My Teeth Hurt

A couple of years ago I had a root canal. In recent months that same tooth has given me some trouble, and suddenly this week it's full-on barking. This has me quite confused -- I thought the root canal procedure removed the nerve. If so, how is it that I am feeling pain?

Great pain, like that of the rock-eating shaggy lasgna Horta that Spock mind-melded with on Star Trek.

This show is dedicated to everyone suffering with tooth pain (shout out LJO!).'s your week going?

Today we will debut a bevy of new music including songs by Ada Lea (Montreal, Canada, @AdaLeaMusic), Caleb Landry Jones (Los Angeles, CA), Cheekface (Los Angeles, CA, @cheekfaceREAL), Death Valley Girls (Los Angeles, CA, @DeathValleyGrls), Ducks Ltd (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, @DucksLtdBand), Erica Nockalls (England, @EricaNockalls), Film School (SF/LA, CA, @filmschoolmusic), Grady Strange (Los Angeles, CA, @gradystraaange), The Shivas (Portland, OR, @TheShivas), and Wet Leg (Isle of Wight, England, @WetLegBand).

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480 Minutes / Year 17 - Episode 36/758

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