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Friday, November 12, 2021

"480 Minutes" - Melancholy Music

This week your host tried, really tried, to ignore the news. Doing so always makes me feel guilty, like I'm not doing my part as a citizen. American democracy is being undermined from the inside, those with the power to do something about it keep bringing pocket knives to gun fights (or not fighting at all, howzit hangin' congressional GOP?), and that reality is too much for me right now. Now that I've admitted this publicly and to myself I feel even worse about it.

Maybe that's why mostly melancholy submissions resonated with me this week.

Today we will debut new music including songs by The Clydes (New Brunswick, NJ, @TheClydesBand), The Kundalini Genie (Glasgow, Scotland, @KundaliniGenie), Nation of Language (Brooklyn, NY, @notionofanguish), Papercuts (San Francisco, CA, @papercuts_music), Radiohead (re-release, Oxford, England), Snail Mail (Ellicott City, MD, recently relocated to the East Village, NY, @SnailMail), and SWIIMS (Toronto, Canada, @SWiiMS_MUSIC1).

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480 Minutes / Year 17 - Episode 41/763

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