Friday, November 16, 2007

"480 Minutes" -11/16/07 - live show at Bottom tonight!

First of all, to those who tried to tune in and couldn't or were dropped while listening recently -- all apologies. ISP issues, local network issues, server issues -- you name it, it hit us this week, and it sucked at this end, too. That's why the site and blog have remained static all week as well. Hopefully we'll get much if not all of that squared away this weekend.

Today's program will feature ticket giveaways for tonight's (11/16) BAGeL Radio Presents... event featuring The Warlocks, Darker My Love, and The Otherside @ Bottom of the Hill. Get in touch via instant messenger, e-mail, or carrier pidgeon when you hear songs by any of those bands on the station and you could win yourself a pair of tickets to the show.

Even if you don't win, buy tickets here and come down to Bottom of the Hill for the show.


Several reasons. For one, you need to experience the opiatedelic gloomgaze psych rock drone of LA's The Warlocks first-hand, in person. I was asked about the term opiatedelic, which I cointed myself while listening to the new Warlocks album -- let's just say the music can induce something akin to opiate-induced psychedelic states. Less technicolor flora, more dark shadows; less giddy joy, more shuddering orgasm. They are proceeded by the psych rock sonic assault of Darker My Love (think Ride meets The Byrds) a band that totally blew me away at CMJ in 2006. Two of them have the added distinction of having performed as The Fall, backing the ledgendary Mark E. Smith on the last tour (after the English musicians that had been The Fall got fed up with Mark E. Smith and fled back to England mid-tour) as well as on the most recent Fall album. Opening the show is BAGeL Radio local favorites The Otherside (think Interpol meets The Stone Roses mixed with some Catherine Wheel), who are in the process of recording their second album and based on the early results I have heard, this will be the one that leaks them to a far wider audience beyond the Bay Area. The live sets will be framed by DJ sets by yours truly peppered with psych rock new (Serena Maneesh, Black Angels, Icarus Line) and old (Beatles '65-'67, Echo & The Bunnymen, My Bloody Valentine). Finally, it's Bottom of the Hill, our favorite Bay Area live music venue.

That's why.

Today's show will feature new stuff from 60 Watt Kid (San Francisco, CA), A.K.A.C.O.D. (Cambridge, MA, think female-fronted Morphine), Biirdie (Glendale, CA), Birds of Avalon (Raleigh, NC), Cars & Trains (Portland, OR), Ego Plum and The Ebola Music Orchestra (Los Angeles, CA), Ex-Boyfriends (San Francisco, CA), Dave Gahan (UK), The Go Station (New York, NY), The Glad Version (Minneapolis, MN), The Houstons (Charlotte, NC), The Kindness Kind (Seattle, WA), Lucinda Black Bear (Brooklyn, NY), The Mary Onettes (Jönköping, Sweden), Monster Bobby (UK), Moros Eros (Acworth, Georgia), The Most Serene Republic (Milton, Canada), Muscles (Melbourne, Australia), Orba Squara (New York, NY), The Owls (Minneapolis, MN), Parker Street Cinema (San Francisco, CA), Ravens & Chimes (New York, NY), Shipwreck (Champaign, IL), Saturday Looks Good To Me (Ann Arbor, MI), Soft (Brooklyn, NY), Soulsavers (UK), Anna Ternheim (Sweden), and Why? (Oakland, CA).

Please tune in to today's edition of "480 Minutes" which runs live from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time every Friday. Except the last two. Today you can once again request songs via:

Yahoo IM: bagelradio
AOL/iChat: bagelradiolive
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Recent Gig Photos...

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photo by Peter Ellenby

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#**Warlocks/ Darker My Love/ The Otherside @ Bottom of the Hill 11/16 buy tickets

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BAGeL Radio Presents...

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* = I'm there
** = I'm DJing

# = win tickets during "480 Minutes"

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