Friday, November 07, 2008

"480 Minutes" - 56 Million Blind Americans

Thanks for coming out the Rumble on Wednesday, that was fun Special thanks to guest DJ Mario Muse who thrilled several of the old fogies in attendance (including yours truly) by digging out The Lords Of The New Church. Nice, Mario, nice.

Today "480 Minutes" features the usual truckload of new music plus a ticket giveaway. We have pairs of free tickets to see BAGeL Radio faves Darker My Love next Thursday at the Independent in San Francisco along with The Strange Boys.

For those of you who missed it because they were distracted by some silliness involving the democratic process, Cory Brown returned to BAGeL Radio in fine form this past Tuesday. Tune in for his show every Tuesday from 10a.m.-1p.m. Pacific Time.

New music today from Her Space Holiday (San Mateo, CA), Edie Sedgwick (New York, NY), Cut Off Your Hands (New Zealand), Mascott (New York, NY), The Points (Washington, D.C.), Gringo Starr (Atlanta, GA), Decomposure (St. Jacobs, Canada), That Handsome Devil (New York, NY), French Miami (San Francisco), David Byrne & Brian Eno (Mars), Manuok (San Diego, CA), Longwave (New York, NY), The Dears (Montreal, Canada), Tigers Can Bite You (Los Angeles, CA), Past Lives (Seattle, WA), Autodrone (New York, NY), Super XX Man (Portland, OR), Wintersleep (Halifax, Canada), Origami Ghosts (Seattle, WA), Quintron (New Orleans, LA), Star Fucking Hipsters (New York, NY), and The 88 (Los Angeles, CA).

Please tune in to "480 Minutes" today and every Friday. The show runs live from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, is rebroadcast starting at 8 p.m., then twice more on Saturday. On Saturday night at midnight we return to regular BAGeL Radio programming.

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*Starfucker/ Master-Slave/ Man-Miracle @ The Hemlock Tavern 11/7
*Loquat/ The Frail/ Mist And Mast @ Bottom of the Hill 11/8
Heartless Bastards/ The Broken West @ The Independent 11/8
TV On The Radio/ Dirtbombs @ The Warfield 11/9
Dungen/ Women/ Social Studies @ Bottom of the Hill 11/10
Crooked Fingers/ Port O'Brien @ The Great American 11/11
Vic Chestnut/ Elf Power @ Bottom of the Hill 11/11
Bishop Allen/ An Horse/ Electric Owls @ The Independent 11/12

Ludo/ The Higher/ Eye Alaska/ The Graduate @ Bottom of the Hill 11/12

Polysics/ Jaguar Love/ Black Gold @ Bottom of the Hill 11/13
Darker My Love @ The Independent 11/13

John Doe/ Kathleen Edwards @ The Great American 11/14 tickets

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