Friday, August 26, 2011

"480 Minutes" - New John Doe

Today we have pairs of tickets to give away for tonight's Loquat show at Bottom of the Hill. If you are going to be in San Francisco tonight (Friday August 26th), check in via e-mail or IM when you hear a Loquat song during today's show and you might just win yourself a pair of tickets to see them play with Stripmall Architecture and Light FM at Bottom of the Hill.  Buy advance tickets here.

If you like stand-up comedy with your live music, head over to Snob Theater at The Dark Room tonight for live music by The Blank Tapes and Jascha vs. Jascha, plus comedy by Comedy Central's John Hoogasian, Josef Anolin, Anita Drieseberg, and Phil Johnson.  Advance tickets available here.

As if we here in San Francisco needed more choices for tonight, Tapes 'n Tapes, Art Brut, and Chain Gang of 1974 are rocking the Independent, and early in the evening John Doe will be performing songs from his about-to-be-released new album, Keeper, at Amoeba Music on Haight Street (6pm).  We'll be debuting songs from Keeper during today's program.

Today we are again offering up a great sounding 128kbps stream of BAGeL Radio.  If you are listening with good headphones or speakers click here and the even sweeter-sounding stream will start playing in iTunes, or copy and paste the URL ( into your favorite music player.

Today's 480 Minutes radio program (Friday, 9a.m. - 5p.m. Pacific Time) is hosted live, in-person, in real-time.  Please tune in (it's free!) 24/7/365 by clicking that shiny giant silver Play button on the right.  Or click here.  Or try the experimental super hi-fi 128kbps stream by clicking here.

During live show hours (Fridays, 9a.m. - 5p.m. Pacific Time) please get in touch in real-time:
e-mail: bagelradio[at]gmail[dot]com
Yahoo IM/GoogleTalk: bagelradio
AOL/iChat: bagelradiolive

or via our Facebook page.

Studio webcam.

Today's BAGeL Radio debuts include new music by Apparat (Berlin, Germany), Art Of Ballistics (Portland, OR), Cymbals Eat Guitars (Staten Island, NY), Happy New Year (Brooklyn, NY), Iceage (Copenhagen, Denmark), J.Viewz (Brooklyn, NY), Jacuzzi Boys (Miami, FL), John Doe (X), Lanie Lane (Sydney, Australia), Love Inks (Austin, TX), Michael Yonkers Band (Toledo, OH), Mode Moderne (Vancouver, Canada), Pickachunes (Aukland, New Zealand), Tom Waits (Sonoma County, CA), and Yellow Ostrich (New York, NY).

To see the album art and song titles while listening on your smartphone or tablet, try the free TuneIn Radio app.

Bay Area Gig eList (upcoming shows of interest -

*John Doe performing live @ Amoeba Music on Haight Street 6pm 8/26 free!
Birdmonster/ Boy In The Bubble/ Evan Bailey/ Build Us Airplanes @ Stork Club (Oakland) 8/26
#Loquat/ Light FM @ Bottom of the Hill 8/26 buy tickets
Snob Theater featuring The Blank Tapes/ Jascha vs Jascha plus comedians John Hoogasian/ Josef Anolin/ Anita Drieseberg/ Phil Johnson @ The Dark Room 8/26  buy tickets
Tapes'n Tapes/ Art Brut/ Chain Gang Of 1974 @ The Independent 8/26
DEVO @ Mountain Winery 8/27
Butthole Surfers @ Regency Grand 8/30
Soviettes/ Slow Death/ Gateway District @ Bottom of the Hill 8/31
Young Digerati/ The Frail/ Scissors For Lefty/ Mister Loveless @ Slim's 9/2
*Japandroids/ Bass Drum Of Death @ Hemlock 9/2
The Soft Pack @ Bottom of the Hill 9/2
Still Flyin/ Letting Up/ Silver Swans @ Rickshaw Stop 9/2
The Frail @ Slim's 9/2
Archers Of Loaf @ Great American Music Hall 9/2 & 9/3
*Handsome Furs @ Slim's 9/3
You Am I @ Cafe du Nord 9/3
Olivia Trmor Control @ Great American 9/5
**Avi Buffalo/ Wild Pack Of Canaries/ You Are Plural @ Bottom of the Hill 9/6
*The Jim Jones Review/ The Sandwitches @ The Independent 9/7 buy tickets
B-52s/ Human League/ Men Without Hats @ Mountain Winery (Saratoga) 9/8
Tears For Fears @ Mountain Winery (Saratoga) 9/9
The Kills @ Fox Theater (Oakland) 9/9
*The Horrors/ Stepkids @ Bimbo's 9/10

(more upcoming shows at

* = We're there
** = We're DJing
# = win tickets during 480 Minutes

(Morrissey-esque) Lyric Of The Week: "His charms are his physique/And I'm sure that you'd agree/I've got the body of a man/Who reads poetry." - "Real Goths," Mode Moderne

Happy birthday Jet Black of The Stranglers

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