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Friday, February 28, 2014

"480 Minutes" -

Earlier this week I was shown an e-mail which begged recipients to share it with 20 friends.  It was all about how terrible Obamacare is by making alarming accusations about cutting off cancer care for patients over a certain age, absurdities like one must be admitted to a hospital by one's primary care physician or be forced to self-pay for treatment...wild stuff.  Even a mention of ACORN, which was shuttered in 2010, didn't tip people off to the fact that this was a crock of shit being peddled by someone whose main agenda was to scare the shit out of senior citizens (while infusing in them an unfounded hatred of Obamacare). The damned thing wasn't even authored by the purported author, and some of the provisions about which it complains never made it into the resolution which became law.  

Thankfully I didn't need to rebut the whole thing myself, it had already been done for me.  Repeatedly.  In 2009.  I guess I shouldn't be shocked that people would try to scare seniors with exaggerations, falsehoods, and outright lies, and that FOX News viewers would buy the lies and ask for more, but I do find it shocking that 5 years after this exact e-mail had been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked, people are still sending it around as news.  And the truth.

The greatest threat America faces is the ignorance of Americans.

Despite this I believed the internets when they just told me that it "feels like -3 degrees Fahrenheit" here in Queens, NY.  It's bitter cold again.

The good news is BAGeL Radio has a bunch of excellent new music to debut for you today, from the screaming post-punk of Eagulls to the soothingly reverby pop of Real Estate; from the Peggy Lee meets David Lynch twangy darkness of Karla Moheno to the otherwordly new new wave of St. Vincent.

Today's brand new episode of our live-hosted 480 Minutes program (Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern U.S.Time) will debut songs by Angel Olsen (St. Louis, MO, @AngelOlsen), Caught A Ghost (Los Angeles, CA, @CaughtAGhost), Eagulls (Leeds, England, @EagullsUK), Karla Moheno (New York, NY, @KarlaMoheno), Mise En Scene (Winnipeg, Canada, @MiseEnSceneBand), Modern Baseball (Philadelphia, PA, @ModernBaseball), No Kill (Brooklyn, NY, @NoKillMusic), Real Estate (Brooklyn, NY, @RealEstateBand), The Silver Palms (Camden, GA, @TheSilverPalms), St. Vincent (Dallas, TX, @St_Vincent), Sultan Bathery (Vicenza, Italy, @SultanBathery), and Wild Beasts (London, England, @WildBeasts).

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