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Friday, March 21, 2014

"480 Minutes" - new Liars

This week was all about not sleeping for some unknown reason (potentially allergies).  By Wednesday the lack of sleep made everything one...long...(yawn)...drag.  It's hard to like new music when you feel like crud and just want to sleep, but somehow a few new records managed to slip past the snapping fangs of Misery, the crabby and exhausted guard dog, and will make their BAGeL Radio debuts today including songs by Big Scary (Melbourne, Australia, @BigScaryMusic), Burnt Ones (San Francisco, CA) Dana Falconberry (Austin, TX, @DanaFalconberry), Faces On Film (Boston, MA, @FacesOnFilm), Honeymilk (Stockholm, Sweden), Kevin Drew (Toronto, Canada, @KevinSelection), Liars (LA/NYC, @LiarsOfficial), Metronomy (London, England, @Metronomy), PINS (Manchester, England, @WeArePINS), Throwing Snow (London, England, @ThrowingSnow), and Walking Shapes (New York, NY, @WalkingShapes).

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