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Friday, March 28, 2014

"480 Minutes" - Music Snobbery

I'm still a bit under the weather and crabby so I will start this off with a music snob rant: 

[start rant]

I find it more disappointing when a venue plays good music on shuffle than when they just play crap music.  In the latter scenario at least you know you never stood a chance of enjoying the tunes.  In the former it's like getting a less than great meal despite starting with great ingredients.  The aggravating inspiration for this rant happened at dinner at The Mighty Quinn in Manhattan on Tuesday night, where we were treated to train wreck of The Velvet Underground "Sunday Morning" into The Cure "Why Can't I Be You?" into the Pixies "Hey." In this instance the downtempo and quiet-starting "Hey" would have fit well immediately following the relatively slow and quiet "Sunday Morning." With the blaring horns and upbeat tempo of "Why Can't I Be You?" in the middle, it was apparent that the playlist was created by DJ iPod (aka shuffle), which will invariably make a mess of all but the most homogenous music libraries.  With all of the music services available today (not to mention us good old human music curator types still walking, breathing, and play-listing) there's no excuse for such laziness.

[end of rant]

On the flip side we got to see a terrific show at The Bowery Ballroom later that night featuring Blouse from Portland, OR -- live they reminded me of Boys Don't Cry/Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Cure (skipping all records in between) fronted a an icy, hazy Slumberland Records-sounding female lead vocal -- and the increasingly amazing Dum Dum Girls, who make me smile even when they pillage shamelessly from Tommy James &The Shondells (check out videos 2 & 3 below to hear what I mean):

Today we will debut new songs by The Afghan Whigs (Cincinnati, OH, @TheAfghanWhigs), Cloud Nothings (Cleveland, OH, @cloud_nothings), Cola Koala (Russia), Colourmusic (Stillwater, OK, @colourmusic), Mac DeMarco (Edmondton, Canada, @MlsDeMarco), Tune-Yards (Oakland, CA, @TuneYards), Tycho (San Francisco, CA, @ISO50), White Hinterland (Scituate, MA, @WhiteHinterland), and Withered Hand (Edinburgh, Scotland, @WitheredHand).

Tune in for today's brand new episode of the award-winning, live-hosted 480 Minutes program (Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern U.S.Time):

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