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Friday, April 04, 2014

"480 Minutes" - Music. Yay.

Did you notice that the same week the Supreme Corp decided that eviscerating campaign finance laws was a good idea, a Senator from Kansas stood up in the Senate and read for the record an Op-Ed written by his corporate sponsor, Charles Koch, published that very day in the Gall Street Journal?  It was either a clueless faux pas by a stooge who doesn't even realize that he's a puppet, or an open admission that "I am here to do the bidding of my master,  Charles Koch."  I'm inclined to believe that it was a bit of both based on the fact that Koch Industries sent an e-mail to their employees to share the piece with those who would benefit from "hearing the truth." I bet it's useful to have a Senator (or 20) as an employee.

In other news: music.  Yay!

Today we will debut new songs by Ausmuteants (Geelong, Australia), Denney and The Jets (Nashville, TN, @DenneyNTheJets), Drive-By Truckers (Athens, GA, @DriveByTruckers), King of Prussia (Athens, GA), Odonis Odonis (Toronto, Canada, @OdonisOdonis), Relations (Brooklyn, NY, @RelationsBand), School of Language (Sunderland, England, @SchoolOfLanguag), and September Girls (Dublin, Ireland, @September_Girls).

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D'oh!  WMG does not understand how the internet is supposed to work, so you have to go to YouTube to view the almost 50 year old Monkees video they are blocking.  Assholes.

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