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Friday, April 11, 2014

"480 Minutes" - new Maximo Park

A busy week here this week meant not a lot of sleep but that's OK, 480 Minutes host Ted Leibowitz is usually only about half-awake behind the mic, anyway.  During the live hosted hours free to give him a hard time about the mistakes, mispronunciations, and long pauses caused by his tired brain attempting to retrieve information through a sleep-deprived haze.

Through that haze it was extremely disappointing to note the almost unfathomable fact that the new Pixies "album," which is not much more than a compilation of the 3 EPs the band has released since the departure of Kim Deal, offered up no new songs worthy of air play.  How sad is that?  Swing and a miss, not a hit to be had, from one of our all-time favorite bands, no less.  Perhaps after we sleep all weekend the haze will  lift and we will discover hidden gem. (don't hold your breath...about the gem, or about us catching up on sleep this weekend!).

Today we will debut new songs by The Afghan Whigs (Cincinnati, OH, @TheAfghanWhigs), Beaty Heart (London, England, @BeatyHeart), Chuck E. Weiss (Los Angeles, CA), Fujiya & Miyagi (Brighton, England), Jef Barbara (Montre├íl, Canada), Jessica Lea Mayfield (Kent, OH, @JessicaMayfield), Maximo Park (Newcastle, England, @MaximoPark), Overlake (Jersey City, NJ, @OverlakeMusic), Protomartyr (Detroit, MI), SWF (Brooklyn, NY, @StevieWF), and Tweens (Cincinnati, OH, @tweensband).

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