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Friday, July 11, 2014

"480 Minutes" - Summer Is Here

After reviewing of all of the music submitted this week, of which there was 50% less than usual, and out of which were so few winners, I was shocked at the low number of songs that passed muster.  Shocked! Then a startling revelation hot me: summer is actually here! Historically, business-savvy artists, management, and labels don't release music during summer! They release summer albums before summer! They release non-summer albums in September hoping to capture some of the back-to-school dollars which are supposed to be for books and nutritious meals but so often end up spent on music, booze, drugs, gigs, dates, and whatever is left over is spent on boxed macaroni and cheese (not the hipster kind with lobster and truffles).   They also release tons of stuff in October and November in hopes of gaining traction for the holiday gift-buying season.  

Summer is for going on vacation and listening to stuff from summers past that reminds of the summer fun, summer love, summer heartbreak, summer adventures, and lazy summer days of doing nothing but enjoying the fact that there's nothing to do!  Not new releases.

That said, there were a few worthy submissions (one of which was released in the UK in 2013) from which today we will debut new songs: The Acid (@TheAcid),  Alt-J (Leeds, England, @alt_J),  Dirty Lungs (Birmingham, AL, @TheDirtyLungs), Drenge (Sheffield, England, @drenge), JPNSGRLS (Vancouver, Canada, @jpnsgrls), and Liam Bailey (Nottingham, England, @LiamBailey).

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