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Friday, September 12, 2014

"480 Minutes" - Death From Above 2014

It was a rough week here in the U.S.  The chicken hawks (and actual hawks) who lied us into Iraq in the first place (and the mainstream media which amplified their deceit while failing to ask necessary questions) returned, loudly and frequently appearing on the old boob tube to scare the shit out of the American public with it's new boogeyman, all but forcing President Obama to begin the mission creep that is now pretty much required of him by the stupidity of his countrymen.  It was also rough seeing the 9/11 images all over again: the death, the destruction, the violation…and reminders of the lies and the cover ups and the posturing and the Giuliani and of course everything that terrible event scared us into allowing to happen (illegal war of aggression, torture, kidnapping, unprecedented mass surveillance, the slow and steady erosion of the Bill of Rights, the militarization of the police, etc.)…and then, on top of all that, we got a metric ton of lame releases we had to listen to so you don't have to.  (My unfortunate turn of phrase just reminded me of the bullshit scare tactic, "we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them at home."  What a load of manure that was…and is again!). Fortunately, there were a few good releases as well.

Today 480 Minutes will feature new music by Archie Powell & The Exports (Chicago, IL, @ExportHQ), Death From Above 1979 (Toronto, Canada, @DFA1979), GRMLN (San Francisco, CA, @GRMLNband), The Growlers (Costa Mesa, CA, @theGROWLERS), The Jane Shermans (Nashville, TN, @TheJaneShermans), Karen O (New York, NY, @KarenO), Soft Shadows (Portland, OR, @Soft_Shadows), The Twilight Sad (Kilsyth, Scotland, @TheTwilightSad), and We Were Promised Jetpacks (Edinburgh, Scotland, @wwpj).

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