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Friday, October 06, 2017

"480 Minutes" - Let Them Eat Bounty

This week the So-Called Ruler of the United States called 3.5 million Americans who had just seen their island decimated by a massive hurricane lazy and looking for a hand out, suggested said hurricane wasn't a "real catastrophe" (which, in the context of him calling any and all less-than-complimentary facts about him "fake news" makes a perverse kind of sense), and practiced his set shot by tossing rolls of paper towels at survivors.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas 59 country music fans were murdered and more than 500 injured by a country music fan/ammosexual and his guns.  Why do we know that he was a country music fan?  Because far of being vilified as an anti-American terrorist, thusfar he's been eulogized.

The monster killed 59 innocent people and could have killed far more, but I have yet to see our politicians, mainstream media, or anyone, really, refer to him as anti-American.  That says a lot about how Americans see themselves and our country.

The good news is we are finally starting to see more than a trickle of resistance from artists.  We've already played a handful of pointed protest songs by Last Quokka, Juliana Hatfield, American Anymen, and Shane Michael Vidauri, and this week alone received protest songs from Paperhaus, Maximo Park, and L7, to name a few.  Not all are going to make it into rotation, but it's nice to see musicians singing about something other than,, drugs, and rock and roll.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Today the award-winning 480 Minutes show today will feature new songs by Chelsea Wolfe (Los Angeles, CA, @cchelseawolfe), M.A.G.S. (Buffalo, NY, mags_bflo), Mister Heavenly (Los Angeles, CA, @misterheavenly), Paperhaus (Washington, DC, @paperhausmusic), Pom Poms (Los Angeles, CA, @pompomsmusic), Protomartyr (Detroit, MI), Sound of Ceres (Brooklyn, NY, @soundofceres), Strange Ranger (Portland, OR via Bozeman, MT, @strange_rangerr), and Weaves (Toronto, Canada, @weeaves).

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For those lucky enough to be going to see The National at Forest Hills Stadium tonight, here's a clip from a 1951 Alfred Hitchcock movie that was filmed there:

 480 Minutes Season 13 Episode 38

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