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Friday, October 13, 2017

"480 Minutes" - Someone Thinks The Free Press is "Disgusting"

In case you missed it, this week the So-Called Ruler of the United States called the free press "frankly disgusting." For all the years  of my life, including when I was in journalism school, I thought the free press was a pillar of democracy. What would we do without this guy revealing the real pillars of democracy: racism, bullying, sexism, and most of all, fealty to the king.

Meanwhile after multiple failures to get anything of substance done, Cheeto has rediscovered the power of the pen, issuing another executive order, a device he often Tweeted unkindly about when President Obama used it, including thusly: “We have a president that can't get anything done so he just keeps signing executive orders all over the place.”

The Hate Pumpkin's most recent executive order allows people to sign up with unregulated groups for bare-bones health plans.  Of course, those people won't be allowed sign up for off-brand Band Aids if they have pre-existing conditions.  If people who sign up for ScrotusCare™ actually need healthcare for something serious they are going to either (a) face HUGE out-of-pocket costs or (b) show up at emergency rooms for medical care -- you know, the way things used to be before the ACA mandated reasonable basic minimum care.  If as expected many young people opt for these useless but cheap plans, that will take a large chunk of the healthiest Americans out of the general risk pool, which will then contain a higher percentage of older, sicker people, meaning higher insurance premiums for just about everyone.  ScrotusCare also scraps subsidies to health insurance companies that help pay out-of-pocket costs for low-income people.  Well done, GOP, it looks like your idiotic, uniformed, noxious crusade to undermine Obamacare will manage to screw over yourselves, the poor, and the rest of us...just so you could undo something positive The Black Guy did.  Bravo!

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 480 Minutes Season 13 Episode 39

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